Welcome to HEALING FROM WITHIN. We are grateful to have you with us and want to thank you for the opportunity to get acquainted with us. Some of the causes of immediate discomfort when meeting a Therapist for the first few times may be an assumed natural imbalance of power in this relationship, which, causes a Client to feel vulnerable. The Client may question the sincerity of the Therapist, the issue of confidentiality, as well as whether or not they are being judged or critiqued. Remembering that for all of us, our fears of what others think of us is often a projection of our own inner critic onto others. In other words, it is one’s own negative beliefs about them self that they are imagining what the Therapist might think about them. However, in my relationship with my Clients, there is a spoken and unspoken understanding and agreement that the relationship we are nurturing is one of equality, honesty, balance; all of which is sacred in our alliance. The means to the end is trust, mutual respect, confidentiality, unconditional regard for each other, as well as equality and healing. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to encourage, support, nurture and advocate for the transition of our Clients affected by life’s mishaps, difficulties, problems, concerns, habits, traumatic experiences, as well as physical ailments. We will walk this journey in alliance with those seeking healing and growth in order that they may build a solid foundation on which to stand in order that they may become the person they aspire to be. We will work together to sharpen the tools and coping skills necessary to foster resilience in order to live their life’s full potential. We will encourage them while helping them to follow through, fostering hope, empowerment and courage to build the life they were meant to have, building on their dreams. We will walk this road together to freedom and a new way of life.